Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions and Fundraiser Information:

  1. When can we schedule our fundraiser?
    •  Anytime between September and December 2013.
  1. Is there a minium order to be eligible for Farm to School Manitoba Healthy Choice Fundraiser? 
    •  Yes, there is a minimum of 50 bundles per order.
  1. When is the first  and last date orders are accepted?
    • First orders will be accepted on September 16, 2013.
    • Last orders will be accepted on December 11, 2013. All deliveries must be completed before Christmas Break.
  1. Do we have to let you know when our school will schedule the fundraiser?
    •  No, you can schedule your fundraiser anytime that works for your school considering the dates mentioned above.  
  1. Can our school complete the fundraiser more than once during September to December?
    • No. Only one order per school per fundraising period please. 
  1. Several groups in my school would like to do the fundraiser, how do we coordinate this?
    • You can nominate someone as the "Farm to School Fundraiser Champion" (perhaps this is YOU!). This person can inform all of the school and daycare group leaders, parent council, and teachers about the fundraiser and pass along any information, to the groups in your school that are interested. Once everyone is aware of the fundraiser, you can choose a fundraising date that works for all of the groups to ensure no one misses out!

*Remember there is only 1 delivery date offered per school. Therefore, if several groups or classes are participating all orders must be made all at the same time; for one collective delivery date.*

  1. Where do we get fundraising forms for students and children?

· Tips for saving paper: 

  1. How does payment work?
    • Once your school or daycare class has completed fundraising, the coordinator will tally how many orders are needed. If mailing a cheque made out to Peak of the Market, please complete the Online Order Form print the payment confirmation and mail or drop off cheque at Peak of the Market .  If ordering online on our secure website visit payment is accepted by Visa, Mastercard or AMEX. Once online or mailed-in payment is cleared Peak of the Market will contact the fundraising coordinator with the delivery time and date. 
  1. After we complete our order with Peak of the Market, how long until our vegetables are delivered?
    • You may pre-book your delivery week when enrolling. To secure a specific delivery date and time, bookings will be available for request August 14, 2013 by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    • Keep in mind your order and payment are due in to Peak of the Market no later than 12 PM (NOON), 5 business days before shipping.
    • If you have not pre-booked a delivery date Peak of the Market will contact you to schedule one convenient to your group after your order has been submitted.
  1. How many volunteers will we need to pack the vegetables in the recyclable Farm to School bags provided?
    • Depending on the size of your order, you will need approximately 5-20 volunteers for about 1-3 hours. Here is a rough guideline:

o 100 bundles-5 volunteers

o 125 bundles-10 volunteers

o 150+ bundles-15+ volunteers

*Keep in mind: The Peak of the Market vegetable delivery truck driver cannot assist in unloading vegetables*

11. Who do we contact for general program inquiries, and feedback?

· Please contact Adriana, the Executive Coordinator of Farm to School at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

12. Who do we contact for issues or concerns with order quantities, vegetable quality, or delivery questions?

· Please contact Adriana, the Farm to School Manitoba Delivery Coordinator at Peak of the Market at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





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